COPD/lung emphysema

COPD/lung emphysema

The expertise of CURAX in measuring lung function in vivo is also used to study the pathology of COPD. Most of these experiments are performed in mice. However, CURAX also has expertise on in vitro experiments using cigarette smoke as an activating agent.

In vitro models:
Cigarette smoke-induced cytokine and chemokine production by human monocytes, neutrophils, mast cells and dendritic cells.

COPD animal models:
Cigarette smoke induced lung emphysema
Endotoxine-induced lung emphysema
Collagen-induced lung emphysema

Heart hypertrophy
Airway function
Airway responsiveness in vitro and in vivo
Long emphysema, long morphology
Long volume
Pre-collagen formation
Elastase activity
Airway inflammation
Cytokines & inflammatory mediators
Oxidative stress


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